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Top 4 ATM Companies In Canada – Pick The Best One For Your Business

Are you a merchant who wants to install an ATM at your business place? Or you can be an investor and want to invest in the ATM business model. Here are the top 4 ATM companies in Canada. You can choose one that fits best for your business needs. 

In this blog, we tell our readers about the ATM companies in Canada, their services and the cost of installing an ATM at your business place. Read this blog if you want to increase your knowledge. 

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  1. DirectCash Payments Inc

DirectCash Payments Inc. is one of Canada’s largest ATM distributor companies, operating over 11,000 ATMs across the country. However, they offer various services, including installation, maintenance, transaction processing and ATM cash management services. DirectCash Payments Inc. also provides 24/7 customer support and competitive rates for its services.

As a merchant, you can buy the ATMs from DirectCash or get one ATM on a rental basis. When you buy the ATM, you take care of maintenance, cash reloading, and network connection. 

In contrast, when you get an ATM on a rental basis, you only provide electricity and an internet connection. The rest, like maintenance, cash management and customer support, are the service provider’s responsibilities. 

Moreover, the best thing about this company is its extended ATM network. The network of 11000 ATMs spread over the country makes this service reliable. 

  1. Payment Source

Payment Source is another leading ATM dealer company in Canada, with over 7,000 ATMs. They offer customized ATM solutions tailored to the needs of each business, including placement, branding, and revenue-sharing options. Payment Source also provides comprehensive reporting and analytics tools to help businesses optimize their ATM operations. 

The best thing about the Payment Source service is the revenue-sharing options. The other ATM leasing companies work on a fixed percentage and keep more revenue to themselves. At the same time, this company provides a negotiable revenue-sharing option allowing the merchants to ask for more revenue. 

With the 7000 ATMs across Canada, Payment Source is the choice of many merchants, retailers and investors. 

  1. National ATM Wholesale

Although National ATM Wholesale is a smaller company in Canada, It offers its clients competitive rates and personalized service. They specialize in the sale and leasing of ATMs and also provide installation and maintenance services. National ATM Wholesale offers flexible pricing options and helps investors effortlessly invest in ATM business start ups.

Moreover, this company may be smaller than giant ATM companies, but the company is emerging rapidly. It will soon be an established brand because the quality of service they provide to its customers is exceptional. 

What makes it stand out against its competitors is the variety in the pricing and ATM models it provides. All other companies more or less have the same prices whether you purchase an ATM from them or get one on rental. In comparison, National ATM Wholesale offers way fewer prices. 

  1. ATM Systems Ltd

ATM Systems Ltd. is a Canadian-owned and operated ATM company with over 20 years of experience in the industry. The company offers ATM services, including installation, maintenance, transaction processing, and cash management. ATM Systems Ltd. also provides customized branding and advertising solutions to help businesses promote their services and products. 

The experience of serving the numerous merchants and business owners in the country speaks for them. Systems limited know what a merchant needs, and they provide the same. The company also provides used atm for sale, ATMs on a contractual basis and a lease agreement.

Once you acquire the services of ATM Systems Ltd, they take care of everything, i.e. maintenance, cash management, customer support and audit report. 

Why Having An ATM Important At Your Business Place?

The simple answer to this question is that it helps scale the business. If you have an ATM at your business place, i.e. store, shop or salon, more customers tend to visit your business place because of the ease of cash withdrawal you provide them. 

Customers must pay a surcharge fee per transaction when they withdraw cash from the ATM you installed. And the surcharge fee gets deposited into the merchants’ accounts. Through this, the merchants earn some extra revenue and profits. 

Besides this, when you have an ATM at your business place, it becomes a point of attraction for customers. Although they might not shop from your place, they are your potential customers and can become your customers. 

Eventually, it will increase your sales and profits, and on top of that, you would be enjoying the surcharge fees. 

ATM Business As Passive Income

Using an ATM as a service is a facility, but it is more than this.  ATMs are an earning opportunity for those who want to establish a passive income stream. If you have some investment, you are one step away from establishing your ATM business. 

First, you must locate a crowded place, i.e. a public place, market or a superstore. The next step you need to do is to talk to a service provider. However, It’s up to you whether you want to buy an ATM or get one on a rental basis. Talk to them and finalize the agreement. 

You can also install multiple ATMs at different places earning you even more revenue. The ATM in a busy area can easily earn you up to $600 to $1000 monthly. And if you have 2 to 4 ATMs, the amount gets multiplied by 2 to 4 times. 

Establishing a passive income stream and earning profits while sitting at home is a great way to build assets without much hassle. 

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 You must have an ATM at your shop if you are a merchant or a seller. Having an ATM helps you provide a better service to your customers and also helps you to increase profits. Avail of this opportunity and gives your sales and business a boost. 

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