The Cash Wave is highly honoured & feels more prestigious in announcing that Mr. Curt Binns will be the honourable Director of the Canadian region of Cash Wave. He is someone with a 9 years of experience in the ATM industry, as he was the Executive Director of ATMIA’s Canadian Chapter. He is back in partnership and alliance with Minhal Abbas and his team as he is possessed with decent knowledge in the ATM industry. The objective here is the growth of Cash Wave and to become a market leader in the ATM business.

Active since the last year Cash Wave is the latest ATM switch in Canada. Cash Wave is proud to announce that they are processing approximately 2000+ machines all across Canada. Cash Wave holds uniqueness and stands out from the crowd. Regarding the ISOs i.e. following the ATM standards Cash Wave has been chosen to take the customary trade course. Applying a fixed expense of $5 per ATM machine, i.e. on a very consistent basis. Hence, this is yet another route to the dynamic world of ATM.

The Cash Wave furthermore also guarantees aspects that are linked with the individual ISOs. Also, the owners of ATMs all over Canada to measure the machines without paying the exchange expenses to variable processors. To attain the maximum advantage regarding the processing of ATM for the ISOs and the Proprietors is also an acceptance from Cash Wave. While understanding the pain of an individual ISO and the ATM owners, a software has been developed. This is mainly for the management of your ATM router along with the different Cash loading modules.

To check that the ATM router is streamlined and always under the check another software has been developed.

To catch the market by storm and to streamline and work aggressively is the motive of Cash Wave. This is with Curt on board, the efforts of Cash wave are seen more effectively. Feel free to contact for more information at Alternatively, give Curt a call at 416-881-0775, or Minhal Abbas at 416-732-0796.

We look forward to work with everyone in our space in the year 2021.