The CEO of Cash Wave gave a speech at the ATMIA Conference 2022

The CEO of Cash Wave, Mr. Syed Mansoor Naqvi, attended the seminar on Canada’s Fastest Growing ATM Processor at ATMIA Canada 2022.

The 23rd Annual Conference was held in Sheraton Vancouver Wall Center, Canada, between 25th and 26th April 2022. Cash Wave participated along with other Fintech giants in the events.

Cash Wave is Canada’s leading ATM Switch provider and is a major contributor to the event. With a mission to become the largest ATM processor in Canada, the CEO of Cash Wave, Mr. Syed Mansoor Naqvi, aims to raise awareness about the services of CRM for ISO’s and operators to better manage their ATM Routers and innovation in the payment industry. Along with his specialized team, Mr. Mansoor explained the problems and their solutions faced in the industry and hopes to make a difference in the payment sector after this conference.

Moreover, he discussed the milestone of making wireless communication for 50,000 ATM machines in North America. Ryan Pickerill, vice president of Sales at DPL, informed the attendees about the partnership of Cash Wave and DPL on the wireless communication project for the ATMs. He mentioned the initiative to make customer service exceptional; both companies made a framework for sending a technician to the required location to troubleshoot the problem in the ATM machine.

This conference was high-yielding and all the top ATM providers attended the event. The conference ended with solutions and partnerships between the tech giants which is great for the future of payment industry.

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