Team Cash Wave is heading down to New Orleans for the ATMIA US Conference 2023

Mr. Minhal Naqvi & Mr. Curt Binns Will Represent The Cash Wave At ATMIA 2023.

The 24th Annual US Conference is scheduled in New Orleans, Louisiana, as the event will take place from February 07 to February 09. The Conference will kick off with the theme “A New Universe of ATM Opportunities.”

The ATMIA conference is one of the most reputable ATM industry events. It brings experts and gurus around the globe together to discuss the latest trends and innovations in the ATM industry.

Cash Wave, a leading provider of ATM processing solutions serving customers across Canada. The primary focus of Cash Wave has always been on providing reliable, secure, and efficient services. This company enjoys a great reputation for staying ahead of the ATM industry curve. Further, Cash Wave aims to catch up with the latest technology to facilitate its customers with an amazing user experience.

Moreover, Minhal Naqvi and Curt Binns will be honoured to represent Cash Wave at ATMIA 2023. However, Cash Wave’s CEO, Mr. Mansoor Naqvi, spoke at the Conference last year. Mr. Minhal Naqvi and Mr. Curt Binns, i.e. the Cash Wave team, will share the stage with other Fintech giants this year.

Curt Binns and Minhal Naqvi will attend the event to learn more about the industry and gain insights into the global and Canadian markets, specifically. They will participate in various panel discussions, networking events and presentations to learn more about the latest technology, trends and developments in the ATM industry. The ATMIA Conference 2023 focuses on new ways of ATM opportunities based on the theme of the Conference this year. Therefore, the Conference will highlight the increasing business needs and the measures the ATM industry must take to meet these needs and offer a better value to the Fintech world.

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