Happy Hour At Cash Wave — A Good News For ATM Operators

Happy Hour – An Innovation At Cash Wave

“We are excited to offer our customers DCC transactions and the new Happy Hour feature. These new features are designed to help operators increase their profits and provide even better customer service,” says Mr.Mansoor Naqvi, the CEO of Cash Wave.
Cash Wave is a leading provider of ATM processing solutions. The company is always concerned with providing innovative payment solutions to ISO’s across Canada.
However, Cash Wave is proud to announce the processing of DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion) transactions. Now, ATM operators can enjoy a great amount of profit. Recently, Cash Wave released a state-of-the-art feature called “Happy Hour.” With this feature, operators can maximize profits on their ATMs.
DCC transactions are increasingly popular amongst tourists and immigrants. This is because DCC transactions allow customers to transact in their home currency rather than the local one. It is due to this reason that customers don’t have to worry about currency conversion rates. Therefore, it has become a preference for many people worldwide. However, DCC Transactions also help in avoiding any misunderstanding.
The new “Happy Hour” feature allows operators to set different transaction fees for different times of the day. This feature allows them to maximize profits during peak usage hours. But there is more, “Happy Hour” is useful for operators in tourist hotspots or busy urban areas.
Cash Wave is committed to staying ahead of the curve in the ATM industry. This is why they are constantly investing in developing innovative technology to provide the best service to ISO nationwide. The company is always looking for new ways to help its customers to increase their revenues and improve their operations.
For more information about Cash wave and its products and services, visit https://cashwave.live/

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