Cash Wave Sets The New Record Of Speedy Settlements 7 Days

Cash Wave Will Be Processing Funds Settlement Even On Weekends.

Cash Wave will soon be the first and only provider of ATM processing solutions that will process funds settlement 7 days a week. Cash Wave will achieve this milestone by the end of October 2022. This new feature of Cash Wave will allow the operators to clear the funds throughout the week and within 24 hours.

Now the customers won’t have to wait for the entire week as funds settlement will go on even on weekends.

Clearance of funds helps big times in avoiding any disturbance to cash flow. Retailers and merchants with the facility of funds settlement in such a short time will have the opportunity to earn more revenue than before due to seamless cash flow.

However, in areas which are always crowded, i.e. busy urban areas, downtowns, tourist hotspots etc., the merchants will have the convenience of maintaining their cash flow without worrying if their funds are stuck. The operators will be available 24/7 to process their funds’ settlements.

Cash Wave`s CEO shared his views on this. He said, “We understand the importance of having access to your funds regularly, which is why we are excited to offer this new 7 days a week, including weekend settlement service to our customers. We believe this service will help operators improve their ATM operations and provide better customer service.”

Cash Wave always commits to providing the best services to its customers; thus, this new service will only add to the convenience of customers.

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