Cash Wave Joins Hands with TIBBS Management

Now Customers Can Get Improved Customer Service & Fast Processing

Cash Wave has entered into a partnership with TIBBS management. This deal aims to provide customers with a smooth processing experience and excellent customer service. With this agreement, TIBBS management processes all its ATM transactions using Cash Wave

TIBBS management is a Canada-based ATM company based in Kemble, Ontario. This partnership helps Cash Wave and TIBBS management expand their customer base and provide seamless transactions.

This partnership also helps TIBBS management save costs because customers now have more locations to withdraw cash from. Moreover, TIBBS management can now focus on providing ATM machine placements for clients, whereas Cash Wave handles the processing part of the ATM machines.

Addressing the new venture, the TIBBS management CEO said, “We are excited to partner with Cashwave to provide our customers with the best possible ATM experience. We are thrilled to welcome TIBBS Management to our processing network. They are a well-established company in the ATM industry, and we are confident that this partnership will benefit both companies and, more importantly, the customers.”

Using TIBBS management ATMs, Cash We further solidify its position in the market for ATM switches. Cash Wave adds more ATMs to its already established network. TIBBS management gains a new platform for ATM processing and can focus on its core business.

Cash Wave looks forward to business opportunities to improve processing and customer experience. For Cashwave is where service, processing and reliability all come together.

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