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Cash Wave Advances A Step Further And Is Set To Launch POS Controller By Q3 Of 2023

Cash Wave will soon launch its Point-Of-Sale controller in the Canadian Market.

Cash Wave plans to launch its POS controller as early as Q3 of 2023. Cash Wave is already a leading provider of ATM processing solutions in Canada. Now the company wants to facilitate its customers with POS controllers.

With an advanced operating system, POS Controller empowers merchants to process all kinds of credit and debit card payments. The POS controller will increase the efficiency of payment processing and even make the process quicker. Merchants and retailers can process chip and pin transactions and will be able to support the EMV (Electropay, MasterCard and Visa) standards in the local markets.

The POS controller will be integrated with Cash Wave`s existing platform, which will help the merchants to offer seamless and secure payment transactions to their customers. Also, the POS controller has all advanced security features, i.e. anti-hacking, anti-phishing, AVS and cloud storage, to protect customers’ data and prevent any security breaches.

Cash Wave`s CEO spoke to the public while breaking this news and said, “We are excited to offer this new POS controller to the Canadian market. We believe it will help merchant’s process payments more efficiently and securely, and we are committed to providing the best service to our customers.”

Cash Wave has always aimed to empower businesses, especially small and mid-sized merchants. However, Cash Wave stays one step ahead of its competitors and tends to bring innovation to its customers to earn more extended revenues than before.

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