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5 Reasons Why A Retailer Must Buy An Atm

Having an ATM installed at your business place is an additional advantage. It provides ease of convenience to the customers. Whether you own a cash-only or standard business, an ATM will drive more customers than usual.  However, if you as a business owner want an ATM for your business, you must buy an atm rather than getting it on lease or rent. On the other hand, many business retailers think getting an ATM on rent is cheaper than purchasing it, but it is not like that. If you want to know why purchasing an ATM is better than other options, continue reading this blog post.

  1. Increased Revenue  
    An automated teller machine -ATM at your business place attracts more customers because ATMs allow cash withdrawals. The customers who don’t carry cash or avoid carrying cash would visit your business place for ATM purposes; they are your potential customers and can turn into regular customers. In addition, retailers enjoy extra fees on every transaction, increasing their monthly revenue. Therefore it is better to buy atm machine in a lump sum amount and enjoy the increased additional revenue instead of paying a certain amount into the rent of the ATM. 
  2. Reduce Credit Card Processing Fees
    Setting up the atm business puts you in a position to negotiate the credit card processing fees with your service provider. Although the interchange and assessment fees are non-negotiable, retailers can still negotiate markup fees with their service providers. Doing this drives more customers to your business and creates trust in customers’ minds for your business.  However, if you own the ATM instead of paying rent against it, you would be better positioned to negotiate your terms and conditions. 
  3. Convenience
    Owning an ATM is more convenient for the merchant than the customer. After paying a lump sum amount, retailers can own the entire ATM, and their minds remain free from the fuss of paying rent every month. Instead, they can focus on their business and its growth. Most retailers have a question about how much does an atm cost. To be precise, it costs nothing but between $3000-$10000. 
  4. Flexible Plans
    ATM provider companies offer different plans for ATM installation. There are a bit different plans on atm’s for sale and different plans on ATMs for rent. The company provides better and more profitable plans for retailers to purchase an ATM, and a bit costly when getting an ATM on rent. The plans are short-term contracts, cancel plans anytime, and ATM marketing plans offered depending on what’s best for your business. 
  5. An additional business
    The personal atm machine for home or business serves as an additional income stream. Whether you run a business or not, owning an ATM will make you earn passively. Therefore, an ATM at your business place helps you increase your business revenue and add an income stream. You can keep the 100% surcharge fees to yourself rather than paying a certain percentage of it into rent wages.

Owning an ATM at your business place is good; it’s a wise investment. You pay once and keep getting profit for years and a lifetime. Therefore it is always a wise decision to start your atm machine business by owning an atm rather than getting it on rent or lease. By owning an ATM, you are your boss. You treat that ATM like your personal asset. If you are a business owner or a retailer and want to have an ATM for your business but keep searching things like “how much is an atm machine,” “is atm business profitable,” and “how much money is in an atm business” then you need to consult MBE Cashwave for best possible deals for ATMs.  

MBE Cashwave

MBE Cashwave paves the way for businesses looking for smart solutions. MBE Cashwave provides ATMs and POS solutions to businesses across Canada and the globe. Whether you want atm machines for sale or rent, you will find Cashwave accommodating your business needs. Besides this, the quotes for ATM purchases or rents for ATMs are reasonable compared to other ATM providers, significantly helping small and mid-sized businesses. If you are a business owner and want to own an ATM, call us. We provide the best possible solutions and rates so you can expand your sales and, eventually, your business at your will. 

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As a business owner or a merchant, always buy an ATM for your business instead of renting it. The above mentioned reasons are enough to illuminate why buying an ATM is more beneficial than getting one on rent or lease. Having an ATM at your point of sale modernizes your business and gains you bonus points regarding customer satisfaction and loyalty. Therefore be wise, make a one-time investment, get an ATM and increase your sales exponentially.

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