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5 Easy Steps of How to Start An ATM Business

Establishing a passive income stream was never easy as today. There are many options for people who want to generate a passive income while sitting at home doing nothing. The ATM business model is one of those businesses. However, many people need clarification about this business or need more knowledge regarding this business model. Suppose you are interested in this business but need to learn how to start an atm business, then you are at the right place. The purpose of this article is to educate our readers in 5 easy steps about “how the atm business works,” “how to invest in the atm business,” and “how to build an atm network.”

  1. Understand your business requirements
    Before stepping into this business, the first thing to do is understand your requirements. There are two ways to step into this business. The first is when you own a business, i.e. a store, a shop, a saloon, or something, and the other is when you don’t own a business. The merchants or retailers who own a business want to facilitate their customers by installing ATMs at the business place, which helps them retain customers and increase sales. On the other hand, people without any business assume this as an income stream only and want the ATMs to serve as service atm only. Therefore analyze your business requirements and proceed accordingly.
  2. Analyze the investment cost
    Every business requires some investment so does the ATMs business. There are two ways to get an ATM. You can buy it or get one on lease and rent. However, buying an ATM would be a more significant but one-time investment, whereas getting one on rent would be cheaper but a monthly recurring expense. The best thing for a business owner is to buy atm software once and for all rather than paying fixed rental charges every month. The purchasing cost of an atm is between $3000-$10000, with at least $2000 being in cash on a rotation basis. However, the rental charges cost between $75 and $150 monthly. 
  3. Decide your Target Market
    Before getting an ATM, decide which market you want to target. The demand for ATMs is increasing at all shopping places. Getting this machine at any public place is a good option, but you can choose your preferences. You have a wide variety of options, i.e. restaurants, hospitals, superstores, salons, convenience stores, and bars are a few markets to target and get the services of this banking software.
  4. Form a legal entity and register for taxes
    Once you have followed all the steps mentioned above, the next thing to do is to legalize your business model. There are different ways to form legal entities, i.e. sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company, or corporation. The best practice is to file for an LLC or corporation; this protects you from being held liable personally in case your self atm business is sued. You will also need to register for various state and federal taxes before you open your business.
  5. Get a quote from ATM Service Provider.
    After following all the steps, you are all set to go. The next step is to talk to an ATM service provider. If you are interested in buying a self service atm, ask for the quotes and negotiate properly to get a reasonable quote. However, try negotiating for low rents if you want this machine on rental charges. Before buying or leasing an ATM, get quotes from multiple vendors and compare the quotes thoroughly. The vendor who provides the best services, you must go for it.

ATMs, once considered banking industry software only, have come a long way from bank offices to local shops to serve the public. Undoubtedly, ATMs add so much to people’s ease that they have left carrying cash with them and roaming around freely. Considering the high demand for ATMs, investing in the ATMs business model is an excellent option. Every day millions of dollars are withdrawn in transactions via ATMs across Canada and worldwide. Therefore this business has a lot of profit to offer, don’t wait further and get an ATM at your workplace. If you need to know which service provider to consult, we suggest you go for Cash Wave.

Cash Wave

MBE Cash Wave has provided businesses with Fintech and payment solutions for over two decades. MBE Cash Wave aims to empower small-sized and mid-sized businesses by providing efficient and latest banking software solutions. Therefore MBE Cash Wave as an ATM service provider has helped numerous businesses to switch towards smart solutions. MBE deals in point-of-sale systems POS and ATMs. If you have queries like “how to buy an atm,” “how atm works,” or how to set up an atm business, then MBE Cash Wave is there to hold your hand.

MBE Cash Wave provides beyond-quality services for ATM purchasing, leasing, and installation. Currently, in Ontario alone, 1000+ independently owned and 3000+ used through Cash Wave ATMs are installed, most of them being satisfied with customer service. If you are based in Canada or any major city, consult with MBE Cash Wave to get an ATM and increase your sales by leaps and bounds.


ATM business model is one of the best models to earn passive income. Whether you own a business or not, invest in this business model and earn a surplus commission on every transaction. However, as a merchant, an ATM will increase your sales along with earning passively for you. Therefore it’s better to get an ATM at your business place as soon as possible.

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