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5 Benefits Of Having An Account At The Toronto-Dominion Bank

A bank account provides people with basic facilities like safe deposit, funds transfer and internet banking. But what rates a bank account is how much ease of business it can provide? One may have multiple accounts at various banks, but having an account at the Toronto-Dominion bank is a must if you’re a business person.     

As a business person or a seller, you must seek undisrupted banking operations and cash flow. And you desire a bank account that can meet your business needs. However, if you’re planning to open a business account at a bank must consider a TD bank business account. 

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Here are reasons you should open a business account at TD bank instead of elsewhere. 

  1. Customized Business Accounts 

TD Canada Trust has many things to offer to provide ease of business. The bank supports small, mid-sized and even large businesses. Hence the bank offers multiple options depending on the category and needs of your business. 

Currently, TD bank offers 4 business accounts, and only a few banks worldwide provide many options for small businesses. One can open a business account with Chequing, Savings, US dollars, and Non-profit business accounts at this bank. 

All of the abovementioned accounts also have different plans depending on the different needs of business owners. Each category offers two to three plans, and in total, there are 14 plans of different business accounts at TD bank, just for small businesses. 

  1. TD Green Machine ATM

ATMs are quite common. There is nothing new about it, but the atm we are talking about is special, especially for business owners. The TD Green Machine ATM is a landmark set for business owners. It helps the merchants maintain their cash flow throughout the week and at any time. 

Unlike traditional ATMs, green atm is never out of cash and has no withdrawal or deposit limits. With the help of this ATM, merchants can withdraw and deposit as much as they want without any inconvenience. 

No other bank in the world has set up an entire network of ATMs just to support businesses and merchants. Usually, the TD Canada Trust branch and ATMs are usually side by the side, but the green ATMs are placed countrywide at other locations besides banks. 

According to the Globe and Mail, more than 2500 Green Machine ATMs across Canada provide extra benefits to small businesses and merchants. 

  1. Business Resource Centre

TD bank invests in your potential rather than other stats and figures. If they can sense the potential in your business, they would more than welcome you. To help your businesses with potential, TD bank has set up business resource centres. 

The centres are to help businesses be profitable, grow, scale and switch towards automation. The business resource centre provides merchants with tools like a cash flow and loan calculator, a business plan template, and many more.  

Suppose you are new to business or need help in doing business. The business resource centre will help you land your feet at the right place to scale your business easily. 

The Bank provides many tools and resources for registering a business account with TD Canada trust. All the tools are easily accessible. The access to these tools and resources is nearer than the nearest TD ATM machine. 

  1. Funding

The best thing about having an account at TD bank is they never leave your hand. Instead, they help you to grow more and more. TD bank provides funds and loans to businesses especially emerging businesses, to scale up. 

With the help of funds, merchants can boost the sales of their businesses, increase revenue and earn more profits at their will. 

Applying for the funds for your business is as easy as searching “TD bank ATM near me” on google. And one can return those funds with easy installments without taking much stress off the debt repayment. 

  1. Global Services 

The last but surely important benefit of having a TD bank account is that it helps you go global. In the modern age, doing business has become easy; thus, TD bank also contributes to making this easier for its account holders. 

Having a TD bank allows you to send and receive payments outside of Canada and worldwide. With the help of this account, you can be a global merchant and easily sell your goods and services outside of Canada. 

The benefits of a TD bank account are sure to be of great help to merchants and retailers. A businessman always seeks the resources to sustain the business and increase revenue. And TD bank provides those resources to its business account holders. However, this bank is about more than just the business and merchants. 

TD Canada Trust Chain Of ATMs

TD bank also has its role in facilitating the general public, especially in the ATMs sector. The TD Canada Trust ATMs are available across Canada and the USA, facilitating the public with the facility of cash. 

As per the bank’s official website, TD bank owns more than 4000 ATMs across North America, including Canada and USA. Try searching “TD ATM near me” or ”TD ATM machine near me.” you can observe hundreds of ATMs surrounding you. All the ATMs would be functional 24/7 and loaded with cash.

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The Bottom Line

Having a bank account is a must for any merchant or businessman. Because of continuous cash flow, online banking, cash depositing and dispensing are their everyday needs. Whereas if you are a business person and want to open a business account with any bank. Then you must consider opening an account at TD bank. And if you still need clarification about why to open an account at this bank, this blog will help you to change your mind.

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