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Revolutionize how you handle payments with innovation that moves life and allows you to live freely. Experience the future of payment processing with our innovative platform and unlock the potential of your business.

Say goodbye to the headache of processing payments, and say hello to hassle-free transactions

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Say goodbye to the headache of payment processing and say hello to hassle-free transactions with our platform

Where others stop and think – we make decisions. With Cashwave, you are never alone in your path to success.

Simplify Processing

Streamline payments, reduce errors, and increase security with our cutting-edge payment processing platform.

Increase efficiency

Effortlessly manage your payments, and improve your business's efficiency with our cutting-edge payment processing technology.

Secure and reliable

Our payment processing solutions prioritize safety and security, ensuring your transactions are protected.

Payment Solutions For Your Business

Streamline your in-store and online store payments with our ideas – without breaking the bank on processing fees.


Increase efficiency, reduce costs, satisfy customers – with our all-in-one payment processing solution for restaurants.


Secure and reliable payment processing for your retail shop – without the high fees.


Revolutionize the way your online shop handles payments with our innovative technology.

Virtual Terminal

Effortlessly manage your transactions and improve customer experience with our virtual terminal platform.


Accept payments – The way you want

Take fast contactless payments, activate gift cards, and redeem loyalty rewards on our fully integrated payment terminals. With our flexible payment processing, you can give your customers the convenience of paying inside, outside, or online.


Accept secure card payments with credit and debit card terminals in-store or on the go.


Accept payments on your website. Give your customers a secure and convenient checkout experience. Connect our online payment gateway to your website or mobile app to accept secure credit card payments.

Virtual Terminal

Take payments from your computer or phone. Charge credit card payments using your computer or phone. Log in to our online virtual terminal and charge.

POS systems

Run your business smarter and faster with our POS systems that you and your customers will love.

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Cashwave has accomplished some dynamic developments in the field of ATM and Financial Technology. We are operating as one of the latest switches in Canada, known as Cashwave.

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