Cashwave – An Innovation In Point Of Sale

Effortlessly manage your inventory, orders, and customers with our all-in-one point-of-sale platform. Boost sales and improve customer experience with our innovative point-of-sale technology.

Fast Setup

Our payment processing solutions are designed to get you up and running quickly – so you can start accepting payments in no time.

Low Rates

With Cashwave, you can increase profitability and reduce costs. Our all-in-one payment processing solution is something that your business desperately needs.

Analytics Reporting

Secure and reliable payment processing for your business - with the added benefit of detailed analytics - with our platform.


With our innovative technology, you can streamline all your business needs and how you handle payments. Cashwave provides you with powerful integrations.

On The Go Or In-Store

Cashwave provides fast and scalable solutions to manage high-volume in-store and on-the-go transactions. With industry-leading hardware partnerships, Cashwave provides high-level performance for your business.

Website Integration For All Orders

Cashwave provides payment solutions for all kinds of online ordering platforms. With us, there is no need for you to search for a payment solution.

Online & Offline Synching

Complete Online and offline synching keep your business running without dependency on internet connectivity.

Menu & Inventory Management

Effortlessly manage your transactions and improve customer experience. With Cashwave, you can easily monitor and manage your payments.

Our Partners

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Cashwave has accomplished some dynamic developments in the field of ATM and Financial Technology. We are operating as one of the latest switches in Canada, known as Cashwave.

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