The Growth Of Cash Wave — Acquisition Of Exact Cash

Cashwave Takes Charge Of Exact Cash

Cash Wave is one of the latest ATM switches in Canada and has proudly acquired Exact Cash.

Exact Cash is one of Canada’s leading ATM operators. The company provides best-in-class ATM hardware with cutting-edge technology. Exact Cash aims to make cash accessible to every cardholder across Canada. However, with this acquisition, Cash Wave and Exact Cash will be 10 times more effective in catering to industry needs and providing innovative payment solutions.

The acquisition of Exact Cash is something that is aimed at adding to Cash Wave’s success. Cash Wave is concerned with bringing success to your doorstep. Cash Wave, with Exact Cash, will allow ISO’s to get a 360-degree payment solution, best-in-class ATM hardware and reliability.
This acquisition is surely the right step in the journey to success.

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